Bickley and Mitchell

The Amsterdam based fashion brand BICKLEY + MITCHELL was founded in 2011 by a small group of creatives in fashion and beyond.

BICKLEY + MITCHELL is specialised in knitwear products for men + women. The brand is built upon the philosophy that we’re all unique, that strength lies in differences, not in similarities. BICKLEY + MITCHELL will never conform itself to massive trends and everyday norm.

Everyday we strive to close the gap between fashion and function.

Being the knit addicts that we are, we’re putting knitwear back on the map in an innovative and changing manner. Our creations are inspired by tradition, quality and experience. They are trend proof and can be worn for years to come. We design hats, scarves and gloves which reflect our own view on the daily market.

We invite you to share our passion.

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